Founded in 1981, Danbo International School set out to fulfil the need for advanced education for children at a time when the prevailing system did not provide enough. These children were not given any opportunity for real academic involvement or prepared for any engagement in academic, social or public affairs.

From its earliest days, Danbo International school has had a reputation for looking outward to the community and world at large. Since it’s founding until now, the school has always stood for freedom and diversity in religious beliefs, social tolerance, and equality.

For more than 39 years, the school was located firstly at No. 7 Coronation Crescent, opposite Lugard Hall, Kaduna North. A significant change occurred in 1986 when the school moved to our current campus in Barnawa, Kaduna South. In 1992 due to continuous demand, the school experienced more growth and expanded, commencing the Secondary and Boarding school, which housed the school and residence facilities for our students. This journey meant modernisation and change for the school and introduced many possibilities for further improvement.

SSince that time, the school has added multiple buildings dedicated to Science and to Music, installed impressive Sports facilities and a Multi-Purpose Hall to accommodate performances in the Creative Arts.

In 2013, the school introduced a building dedicated to Sixth Form studies, enabling our diligent students to prepare for international exams such as the A levels, TOEFL, IGSCS and more. This new building represents the most recent expression of our optimism for the future.

Our journey continues, with the launch of Danbo International School Abuja in 2019. Allowing us to leverage on the 39 years of experience and provide excellent academic achievement and a broad liberal curriculum to students in our new school in Abuja.

In every location, our focus remains to provide 360º developmental opportunities to our students, by offering a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure to international standards. Through this, we ensure that our students excel within the educational system and the hardships of the real world.

Each generation inherits the values of the past and creates those of the future. Danbo International School has always aimed to educate students for life, whatever career or calling the future may bring. This ensures that Danboites are found in all walks of life and every profession, such as in Business, Social Services, the Arts and more.