Our Programmes

Danbo International College offers Junior and Senior Secondary School Programmes:

Junior Secondary School

The  Junior Secondary school writes the following examinations: Cambridge checkpoint and Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

Below are the subjects offered in Junior college:

  • Mathematics 
  • English Language 
  • Christian Religious Studies or Islamic Religious Studies
  • Hausa Language
  • Business studies
  • Basic Science and Technology (Basic Technology, Basic Science, Computer Studies and Physical and Health Education) 
  • National Value Education (Social Studies and Civic Education) 
  • Pre-Vocational studies (Agricultural Science and Home Economics) 
  • Cultural and Creative Arts (Music and Fine Art)
  • French
  • Library studies
  • Career Guidance
  • Global Perspective 

Senior Secondary School 

The Senior college writes the following examinations: Senior secondary examinations (WAEC and NECO), JAMB, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and IGCSE

The Senior College compulsory subjects are : 

  • Mathematics 
  • English Language 
  • Civic Education 
  • Economics
  • CRS or IRS

Science Electives include:

  • Biology 
  • Catering Craft practice/Animal Husbandry/Data processing/Marketing
  • Technical drawing/Geography
  •  Physical Health education /Further mathematics

Art Electives include: 

  • Government 
  • Literature -in-English
  • Catering Craft practice/Animal Husbandry/Data processing/Marketing
  • Financial accounting/Biology
  • Hausa/French Language 

Social Science Electives include

  • Government 
  • Geography 
  • Catering Craft practice/Animal Husbandry/Data processing /Marketing
  • Financial accounting /Biology
  • Hausa/ French Language