It is with utmost delight I introduce Danbo Sixth- Form College; a school that offers different and alternative pathways to higher education where A-Level programmes such as the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMB), Cambridge AS & A2, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and remedial are offered to you in this website. I hope you will find the information contained in this prospectus educative and informative. The crowning glory of the school itself which has set a record of massive achievements over three decades of nurturing young ones into their full potentials is embodied into the richness of the curriculum and varieties of opportunities inherent in different pathways drawn to meet every student’s needs and desires. The 6th form College operates as a co- educational institution with boarding facilities. We operate an individualized learning such that the ethos of the school, ”High Achievement for All” is evident in our instructional deliveries. We believe so much that every child must succeed. We continue to ensure you are supported in the choices you make towards your higher education. Your academic progress is carefully monitored in enabling you to achieve your potentials. Danbo Sixth-Form College has an outstanding record of achievement.We aim to provide you with lively and challenging learning experiences. Extensive opportunities are provided to develop your leadership skills along with imaginative challenges to develop your creativity, initiative, thinking skills and teamwork, both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities.

At Danbo 6th Form College, we have a trained team of teachers who are committed in ensuring that 6th form students get to their peak academically. They are there to support you through the option choices and through the important years ahead.We believe that 6th form life at Danbo Sixth-Form College is a rewarding and enjoyable experience and we very much look forward to welcoming you.

Finally, at Danbo Sixth-Form College, you may choose from the options of our traditional classrooms, blended learning or full remote learning classrooms for yours instructional deliveries.